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Bernard J. LeFrois, S.V.D 




L. J. Schaffhauser, S.V. D. 


December 8, 1951 


Malachy Foley 


Hf* Samuel Cardinal Stritch 
Archbishop of Chicago 

January 11, 1952 


Scripture quotations are according to the 
translation of R. Knox (Sheed and Ward) 

Printed in U.S.A. 

Remodel If am *i¥ome 

It's Time 

It's time to remodel your home. Our 
Blessed Mother wants it. Not the home 
in which you are living; that may be 
beautiful enough. You are proud of it 
and you have a right to be. But what 
about your home in which God is living, 
the home of your heart? 

"Do you not understand that you are 
God's temple, and that God's Spirit 
has His dwelling in you? 

If anybody desecrates the temple of God, 
God will bring him to ruin. 

It is a holy thing, this temple of God 
which is nothing other than your- 
selves." (1 Corinthians 3, 16-17) 

Do I realize it? My heart is a home 
for God, His temple. It is a holy thing, 
this temple of God. If anyone dese- 
crates God's temple, God will bring him 
to ruin! 

These are the inspired words of Holy 
Scripture. How precious must the Tem- 
ple of my heart be in God's sight! 


Homes Destroyed 

"God driven out. Satan welcomed." 
This is the sign over the entrance of 
many homes today. They have driven 
God from His home. They have let 
their heart be the camping ground of 
God's enemy. They have helped the 
enemy to destroy God's home and God's 
image within them. 

"What is there in common between 
light and darkness? 

What harmony between Christ and 

How can a believer throw in his lot 
with an infidel? 

How can the temple of God have any 
commerce with idols? 

And you are the temple of the living 
God!" (2 Corinthians 6, 15-16) 

Yes, how can a man be so ungrateful 
to his Lord and his God as to join sides 
with the enemy? How can a human 
heart turn traitor to the Savior? 

Weigh it well! If anyone has de- 
stroyed the home of God in his heart, 
"God will bring him to ruin" (1 Cor. 3, 
16). Eternal frustration, eternal ruin, 
such is the lot of the sinner. "It is a 
fearful thing to fall into the hands of 
the living God" (Hebrews 10, 31). 


A Vision of Hell 

A horrible vision of Hell, that is what 
Mary showed the three children of 

"The Blessed Virgin opened her hands. 
The beam of light that was projected 
from them seemed to penetrate the 
earth. We saw, as it were, a great sea 
of flame into which were plunged, black 
and charred, devils and souls in human 
form, all having the appearance of 
glowing coals. They shrieked and howled 
with pain and despair, so as to strike 
terror and trembling into our hearts." 
The children never forgot the scene. 

"You have had a view of Hell" said 
the Blessed Mother, "That is where the 
souls of many poor sinners go." . . . 
"More souls go to Hell because of sins 
of the flesh than for any other reason." 

". . . the unquenchable fire of Hell! 
The worm which eats them there never 

The fire is never quenched." 

(Mark 9, 44-45) 

"Go far from me, you that are accursed, 
into that eternal fire . . . 

Prepared for the devil and his angels." 

(Matt. 25, 41) 

They have spurned the voice of the 
Good Shepherd whilst on earth, they 
have followed the suggestions of Satan. 
Nov 1 they are his slaves forever. 


Impurity, the Royal Road to Hell 

"More souls go to Hell because of the 
sins of the flesh than for any other 
reason." Mary's own word. It should 
impress us. 

Sins of the flesh! Infidelity, divorce, 
adultery: marriage vows thrown to the 
winds! Birth control, the cancer eating 
its way into thousands of homes: mar- 
riage ideals trampled underfoot. "I will 
not serve" on their lips, the very words 
of Satan. 

Sins of the flesh! Youth enmeshed in 
the habits of sin! Ridiculed is the up- 
right and clean heart, despised is the 
lad who refuses to follow the crowd. 
Teen-agers drinking in vice out of 
filthy books and magazines; in shows 
and hang-outs. 

"Make no mistake about it; it is not 
the debauched, the adulterous, the 
effeminate, the sinners against na- 
ture, the drunkards that will inherit 
the kingdom of God." (1 Cor. 6, 10) 

Sins of the flesh! Children seduced 
and taught the abominable habits of 
lust at an early age by godless, lustful 

This is the stench that cries to Heav- 
en and mightily provokes the wrath of 
God Almighty, All Holy. 

Listen then to the agonizing appeal 
of Mary, the Mother of all these un- 
fortunates, an appeal to sons and 
daughters who are speeding toward the 


Mary to the Rescue 

4< In order to save these sinners, God 
wishes that devotion to my Immaculate 
Heart be established throughout the 
world. " 

That is Mary's last effort to prevent 
souls from rushing headlong into Hell. 

When children are in need they go at 
once to their mother. But when chil- 
dren are in imminent danger them- 
selves, and seem not to heed it, it is 
the mother who comes speedily to their 
rescue. That is what has happened! 

Mary has come down to earth. She 
has shown us the horrors of Hell. She 
begs us to think of her Heart, that 
maternal Heart that bore us, and that 
loves us as no mother can ever hope 
to do. 

"Listen to me, you that are my sons. . . . 
Listen to the teaching that makes you 

Blessed are they who listen to me. . . . 
The man who wins me . . . drinks deep 

of the Lord's favor. 
Who fails, fails at his own bitter cost; 
To be my enemy is to be in love with 

death." (Proverbs 8, 32-36) 

What child of God will refuse to listen 
to this Blessed Mother and to the re- 
quest of her Heart? What sinner will 
turn away? It is a mother's request. 
It cannot be refused. 


Our Mother's Request 

"Establish devotion to my Immacu- 
late Heart." "I ask for the consecration 
of the whole world to my Immaculate 

This is Our Mother's request. It is 
God's offer of the century to the sinner 
and to the world at large. It carries 
with it promises of eternal security and 
of global proportions: "Many souls will 
be saved." "There shall be peace in the 

Has this request of our Blessed Moth- 
er been faithfully carried out? This 
question is meant for you. 

"Do the reckless still court their own 

Rash fools, will you never learn? . . . 
Fools, that grew weary of instruction, 
And would not fear the Lord. 
Well for them, if they had followed my 

If they had not spurned all the warn- 
ings I gave! 
Now they must eat of the harvest 
their own wickedness has reaped. . . . 
But let a man give heed to me, 
Peace undisturbed shall be his." 

(Prov. 1, 22-23, 29-33) 

Is it too late? No, it is never too late. 
God is always the God of mercy. And 
even should He chastise us, it is the 
Divine Physician who wounds only in 
order to heal. The greatest of earthly 
chastisements are well worth the saving 
of our immortal souls! 

Our Holy Father Takes the 

Already in 1942 our Holy Father Pius 
XII consecrated the Church, the world, 
the human race to the Immaculate 
Heart : 

"To you, to your Immaculate Heart, 
in this tragic hour of our history, we 
consign, we entrust, we consecrate Holy 
Church, the Mystical Body of your Son, 
Jesus, which is suffering and bleeding 
in so many places and afflicted in so 
many ways. And not only the Church, 
but all the world, rent asunder by 
deadly discord, aflame with the fires of 
hate, victim of its own iniquities. " 

Six years later on May 1, 1948, the 
same Holy Father broadcast this plea to 
the entire world: "It is our will that 
wherever the opportunity presents it- 
self, this consecration be made in vari- 
ous dioceses as well as in each parish 
and family. " 

"My son, give me the gift of thy heart, 
Scan closely the path I show thee." 

(Prov. 23, 26) 

Every parish! Every family! Every 
individual! That is the goal. And you 
are the individual Mary also has in 
mind. Have you done so? 

"What Christian heart, no matter 
how lukewarm and thoughtless, could 
resist the voice of Mary?" (Pius XII) 


The Challenge 

Are we ashamed of openly practising 
devotion to Mary? Is it too much for 
pride, human respect or our "good fel- 
low" reputation? What man is ashamed 
of his mother? And we are in all truth 
born spiritually of the Virgin Mother! 
Hear what the Lord says of those who 
are ashamed of Him: 

"Whoever acknowledges me before men, 
I too will acknowledge him before my 

Father who is in heaven; 
And whoever disowns me before men, 
Before my Father in heaven I too will 

disown him." (Matt. 10, 32-33) 

On the contrary, let us be proud of 
our parentage. This then is the chal- 
lenge: See to it that our Mother's wish 
be carried out. Exert your influence 
that the consecration be made by your 
family, your relatives and friends, and 
push this project wherever you can. 
Think of the consequences for you and 
for all mankind. 

In the words of our Holy Father: 
"Now is the time to take decisive steps 
and shake off this fatal lethargy" (Feb. 
10, 1952). If you have not done any- 
thing in this line until now, do it today. 
Start now. If you have done something, 
do more. We will never overcome a 
habit of sin by a weak-hearted practice 
of religion. Mary wants nothing less 
than a consecration. 


Genuine Consecration 

But what is a consecration? Merely 
the reading off of a formula of prayer, 
the reciting of some set phrases? 

Genuine consecration goes much 
deeper. When a man consecrates him- 
self to something, he dedicates himself 
wholly to it. It absorbs his interest and 
his attention. He spends his energy on 
it and he belongs to that project whole- 
heartedly. Gradually it will bring about 
a transformation in him. It is like an 
interior remodeling of his heart. 

The living of such an ideal influences 
our entire surroundings. The Commu- 
nists are dedicated to an ideal. They 
wield influence everywhere. They have 
changed half the world. 

Is the mighty Mother of God less 
powerful to influence the world? Will 
she not change and transform it, if we 
cooperate with her project of an all-out 
consecration to that Immaculate Heart? 
But a world transformation will only 
come about when millions of individuals 
are aflame with this ideal. 

I am the Mother of fair Love, 

"It is I that give birth to all noble 
living . . . 

From me comes all promise of life and 
vigor. . . . 

He who listens to me will never be dis- 

He who lives by me will do no wrong." 

(Ecclus. 24, 24-31) 

I must remodel my heart! 



Genuine consecration to the Immacu- 
late Heart of Mary includes a change 
of life, a remodeling of your heart and 
your interior after the Immaculate 
Heart of Mary. 

If I am genuinely devoted and dedi- 
cated to the Immaculate Heart, the 
great soul of Mary will gradually influ- 
ence my thoughts, my desires, my way 
of thinking and acting, my inclinations 
and my habits. 

You see, there is bound to be a good 
influence, even a powerful influence of 
the Woman who is the sworn enemy of 
Satan, the Woman whose Son, Jesus, 
has come to earth to undo what the 
devil has done. 

"The man who lives sinfully takes his 

character from the devil; 
The devil was a sinner from the first. . . . 
If a man is born of God, he does not live 

sinfully, he is true to his parentage ; 
He cannot be a sinner, if he is born of 

God." (1 John 3, 8-9) 

As sons of God we are born of the 
Immaculate Mother of Jesus. We must 
be true to our parentage. We will not 
brook sin in our heart. O Mary, con- 
ceived without sin, pray for us who 
have recourse to thee! 

I must remodel my heart. That is the 
true meaning of consecration. Mary 
will be satisfied with nothing less. 


Model Home 

Mary's Immaculate Heart is the 
Model Home for God on which I will 
remodel my home for God, the home of 
my heart. The Son of God prepared 
and beautified that Heart as only a Son 
can. He made it unique. By its un- 
selfish cooperation with Divine Love it 
won His wholehearted approval. It is 
truly the Model Home for all the sons 
of God. 

"Behold thy Mother" (John 19, 26). 
With these words Jesus Himself directs 
our gaze towards His holy Mother. He 
has given her to us as a Mother. In 
directing the gaze of the sons of God 
upon their Mother, Jesus shows us the 
simplest and yet the most sublime pat- 
tern of holiness: the Immaculate Heart 
of Mary. 

It is not difficult to remodel the home 
of my heart, when I can look upon the 
Heart of my own Blessed Mother as the 
Model Home, and copy the traits that 
make it so. 

"My son, do not undervalue the correc- 
tions the Lord sends thee, 

Do not be unmanned when He reproves 
thy faults; 

It is where He loves that He bestows 

Like a Father whose son is dear to Him." 

(Prov. 3, 11-12) 

By remodeling my home, I repair it 
along the lines of Mary's. That is the 
"reparation" Mary wants from me. 


Blueprints for the Model Home 

Our Blessed Mother doesn't do things 
by halves. To remodel we need blue- 
prints. But even the blueprints Mary 
has unfolded before us in this one word: 

"Pray the Rosary devoutly every day." 
That is Mary's simple plan for us. But 
how can that be the blueprints? The 
Rosary prayed properly brings before 
the mind the most sacred scenes that 
earth has ever known. Those scenes 
show us the Immaculate Heart in action, 
with Christ as the center of its aspira- 
tions. Those scenes are the blueprints! 

"Hail! Thou who art full of grace; 

The Lord is with thee; 

Blessed art thou among women. 

And blessed is the Fruit of thy womb." 

(Luke 1, 28; 42) 

Three baneful tendencies are wide- 
spread today. First, distaste for a sim- 
ple life of labor. Second, repugnance to 
suffering of any kind. Third, forgetful- 
ness of the future life. 

The first of these evils is offset by the 
fidelity and diligence of Jesus and Mary 
to the ordinary duties of life (Joyful 
Mysteries). The second is offset by the 
love and endurance of Jesus and Mary 
in bearing the greatest sufferings for 
our sakes (Sorrowful Mysteries). The 
third is offset by the constant reminder 
of Jesus and Mary in the glory of the 
life to come (Glorious Mysteries). 


Daily Rosary Devoutly 

If our Blessed Mother found no better 
remedy to offer the world than those 
three short words, we will not presume 
to discard them thoughtlessly. 

Do you say the Rosary daily? Many 
say the Rosary as they commute to work 
and back. Others make it a habit at the 
noon hour. Try it for yourself. Some 
groups say it in common in several fac- 
tories throughout the country. Others 
boost the Family Rosary or the Block 
Rosary. Football teams are known to 
say the Rosary before a game. Where 
there is a will, there is a way. 

Do you say the Rosary properly? Do 

you let those sacred scenes influence 
your life? Stop for a moment before 
each decade and gather your thoughts. 
This is serious business. The peace of 
the world depends upon it. My own 
eternal security may be bound up with 
it. It may mean the grace for me to 
avoid a definite occasion of sin. It's 
remodel or ruin. 

Holy Mary, great Mother of God, 
Pray for us, sinners, 

Pray now, O Mother, and at the 
hour of our death. Amen. 

By daily gazing on these blueprints, 
we learn how to build for eternity, to 
beautify with virtue that has real value 
in God's eyes, to decorate with the gold 
of divine and everlasting charity. Then 
our hearts are remodeled on Mary's own 


Home Remodeled 

One thing above all is learned from 
the Immaculate Heart of Mary: to avoid 
sin and abhor it. This is the cleansing 
of the home of our hearts. Mary is 
without sin. We are sinners, weak and 
changeable, prone to evil inclinations. 
But an honest effort to remodel after 
the Model Home will bring results. Mary 
will obtain the grace for us to turn 
away from sinful habits, and also the 
wonderful grace of constant love of her 
Divine Son, which keeps the interior of 
our home purified. 

Yet that is only the first step. The 
home must also be adorned. Mary's 
great faith must blossom in our heart; 
her submission to God's will in all the 
details of an ordinary life, her compas- 
sionate suffering with the Savior; her 
love of prayer, her unquenchable char- 
ity that fed upon sacrifice. Each one of 
us can find the pattern he needs. 

Such a heart, remodeled on Mary's 
Immaculate Heart, becomes a great 
power-house for good on earth, amid 
the sorrows and joys of daily life. Of 
such is the Legion that Mary is gather- 
ing around her to fight the great 
Dragon. Said God to Satan: 

"She shall crush thy head 

And thou shalt lie in wait for her heel." 

(Gen. 3, 15) 

What is there to fear from the side 
of hell and Satan, from persecution and 
death itself, if we are one with the great 
Mother of God, Mary, most holy? 


Influence Your Surroundings 

A prominent business man in a large 
manufacturing company makes the fol- 
lowing avowal: "Throughout the 25 
years of my business career, our Lord 
and His Blessed Mother were in the 
midst of our daily activities. I took the 
words of the Master to heart: 'Without 
Me you can do nothing/ He made no 
exceptions. Business was included too. 
So I made religion the basic solution for 
the manifold difficulties that turned up 
every other day. 

"To one of the managers given to 
drink, I counselled a return to his reli- 
gious convictions, promising that I 
would pray to our Blessed Mother for 
him. To a discouraged bookkeeper, on 
the verge of giving up her job, I briefly 
explained the Lord's Passion and the 
purpose of suffering. The results in 
both cases have proved the correctness 
of the procedure. 

"Regularly I passed out Catholic 
papers and magazines to those in- 
terested. On Good Friday I granted a 
half-day to all employees who wanted 
to attend church services. In a hundred 
different ways, without ostentation, the 
hearts of our fellowmen can be directed 
towards Christ and His Mother. " 

"You are the salt of the earth. 
If the salt loses its taste, 
What is there left to give taste to it? . . . 
You are the light of the world. 
A city cannot be hidden if it is built on 
a mountain top." (Matthew 5, 13-14) 


You Can Change the World 

Back in 1870 a little district in Italy 
had no parish priest. Ten mothers made 
up their minds to get together once a 
month to pray that God would give His 
Church more priests and religious. Only 
after they had kept that up for eleven 
years did they get their own parish 
priest. Did they stop praying then? 

No, just the opposite took place. They 
kept on praying and got all the mothers 
of the district to join in. The result? 
Over 500 youths have gone forth from 
that little district as priests, brothers, 
sisters. What a transformation! How 
did it happen? 

The secret is this: these mothers be- 
gan to realize that if they wanted 
priests, they had to begin right by re- 
modeling their own homes. Their lives 
became more like Mary's life, the at- 
mosphere of their homes more like the 
atmosphere of Nazareth, and their chil- 
dren more like Mary's Son, Jesus. 

That was the atmosphere in which 
ideal vocations sprouted. The children 
learned to appreciate real and lasting 
values. They wanted to become some- 
thing worth while in life, something 
noble, godlike. They became priests, 
they became brothers, nuns; they be- 
came ideal Catholic parents who in turn 
planted the seed of vocation in their 
own children's hearts. 

That is what happens when you have 
begun to remodel your heart after that 
of the Immaculate Heart. A change 


comes over you. You see how foul sin 
really is, how valuable is virtue. You 
begin to live your ideal of a son of God 
and a son of the Blessed Mother. 

Now if that happens in a hundred 
souls, think of the influence on the sur- 
roundings. What if it happens in a 
thousand hearts scattered over the 
country? In a million? In 400,000,000 
Catholics all over the world? 

Hearken, then, to the recent plea of 
our Holy Father: "The root of modern 
evils ... is lethargy of the spirit, weak- 
ness of the will and coldness of the 
heart. . . . 

"Your Shepherd and Father charges 
you today to launch a mighty re-awak- 
ening of thought and action. This re- 
awakening is a duty for everyone with- 
out exception — clergy and people, 
those in authority, families, groups, in- 
dividuals — along the entire front of 
the complete renewal of Christian life. 

"Having had recourse once again to 
the goodness of God and the mercy of 
Mary, each one of the faithful and 
every man of good will must re-examine 
with a courage worthy of the great mo- 
ments of human history, what he can 
and must do personally as his own con- 
tribution to the saving power of God, in 
order to help a world which is started 
on the road to ruin. 

"We sincerely hope . . . that Our eyes 
shall see not only cities, but nations, 
continents, the entire human race re- 
turn to Christ" (Pius XII, Feb. 10, 1952). 


Program of Action 

1. For all times: Determine to keep 
far from your heart and home objects 
used for sinful purposes, reading matter 
and pictures unfit for God's chosen 
ones, company displeasing to the Im- 
maculate Heart. Determine, moreover, 
not to be enslaved and dominated by 
the goods of this world, be they food or 
drink, radio or television, money or 
sports; but to use all such things with 
moderation as our Blessed Mother 
taught us while on earth. These things 
are means to our eternal happiness in 
Heaven. Show that you are your own 
master, or rather, Mary is the mistress. 
As a loyal son of Mary, let the crucifix 
and the Catholic Bible have a promi- 
nent place in your home. Remember: 
remodel or ruin. A glance at the cru- 
cifix and a paragraph from the Word of 
God will give you greater light and 
peace and strength than hours of mere- 
ly arguing over politics or of television 

2. Annually: set aside a day in the 
year on which you make a solemn con- 
secration of yourself, your home and 
family to the Immaculate Heart of 
Mary, and draw up a plan now to re- 
model your home. Prepare for this 
solemn consecration by a sincere Con- 
fession and a devout Holy Communion. 
Repeat this annually on the same day, 
or even more frequently. Our Lady's 
feast days are fitting occasions for this 
renewal, especially the Feast of the Im- 


maculate Heart of Mary (August 22), 
or any First Saturday. 

3. Monthly: Make a special effort, 
even though it costs, to keep the First 
Saturdays. Mary's wonderful promise to 
those who keep the first Saturday five 
times in succession, is the greatest in- 
surance policy for eternal life ever 
heard of. Your conditions are simple: 
Confession, Communion, the Rosary, 
keeping Mary company for fifteen min- 
utes while meditating on those sacred 
mysteries, in the spirit of reparation for 
all the sins committed against that Im- 
maculate Heart. Let this be your 
monthly checking of account books. 
How did things go last month? Have I 
kept the home of my heart in line with 
the Model Home? How about this new 

4. Weekly: Nothing is more impor- 
tant and more pleasing to Mary than 
that you carry out faithfully your Sun- 
day obligations. The Mass is the great 
sacrifice of Mary's Son for the sins and 
the needs of yourself and your family. 
If you can help it, don't let anything 
come between you and the Mass. Learn 
more about the Mass and encourage 
your family to do likewise. It only needs a 
bit more effort to receive our Lord weekly 
in Communion. The immense treasure 
of God Himself is at your disposal. 

5. Daily: A short morning offering 
through Mary's Heart of all that you 
are and all that you have. The daily 
Rosary. A short renewal of your conse- 
cration before retiring. 


to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

(St. Louis de Montfort's Consecration) 

"I. N., a faithless sinner — renew and 
ratify today in thy hands, O Immacu- 
late Mother, the vows of my Baptism; 
I renounce forever Satan, his pomps 
and works; and I give myself entirely 
to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, 
to carry my cross after Him all the days 
of my life, and to be more faithful to 
Him than I have ever been before. 

"In the presence of all the heavenly 
court I choose thee this day for my 
Mother and Mistress. I deliver and con- 
secrate to thee, as thy slave, my body 
and soul, my goods, both interior and 
exterior, and even the value of all my 
good actions, past, present and future; 
leaving to thee the entire and full right 
of disposing of me, and all that belongs 
to me, without exception, according to 
thy good pleasure, for the greater glory 
of God, in time and in eternity. Amen." 


Morning offering of the Apostleship of 
Prayer: O Jesus, through the Immaculate 
Heart of Mary, I offer Thee my prayers, works, 
joys and sufferings of this day, for all the in- 
tentions of Thy Sacred Heart, in union with 
the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the 
world, in reparation for my sins, for the in- 
tentions of all our associates and in particular 
for the intention recommended this month. 

Short Personal Consecration: O my Queen, 
O my Mother, I give myself entirely to thee, 
and to show my devotion to thee, I consecrate 


to thee this day my eyes, my ears, my mouth, 
my heart, my whole being without reserve. 
Wherefore good Mother, as I am thine own, 
keep me, guard me as thy property and pos- 

Short renewal: O my Queen, O my Mother, 
remember that I am thine own. Keep me, 
guard me as thy property and possession. Or: 
I am all thine, O Mary, and all that I have 
is thine. 

Memorare: Remember, O most gracious 
Virgin Mary, that never was it known, that 
anyone who fled to thy protection, implored 
thy help, and sought thine intercession was 
left unaided. Inspired with this confidence I 
fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. 
To thee I come, before Thee I stand, sinful 
and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word In- 
carnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy 
mercy hear and answer me. Amen. 

After each Decade of the Rosary: O my 

Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the 
fire of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especial- 
ly those who are most in need. 

Reparation: O my God, I believe in Thee, 
I adore Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee. I 
ask pardon for those who do not believe, do 
not adore, do not hope, and do not love Thee. 

In temptation: Come, Holy Ghost, fill the 
hearts of thy faithful, and kindle in them the 
fire of Thy love. My God, I love Thee! All 
for Thee, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus! Sweet 
Heart of Mary, be my salvation. Jesus, Mary, 

Perfect contrition: O my God, I am heartily 
sorry for having offended Thee, because Thou 
art infinitely good and deserving of all my 
love. (Be sure to say this before retiring each 
night. Add three Hail Marys for purity, with 
the ejaculation: O Mary, conceived without 
sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.) 



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of the Rosary 
T.B. Saint, The 
Why Pray for Priests 

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